Perceptions of Racism/White Supremacy

This questionnaire is part of a social study aimed at determining current perceptions of racism/white supremacy globally.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"Martin Luther King

It is an independent and anonymous study, conducted by an individual person out of personal interest in the subject, and is not affiliated with, or funded by, any government body, national or international institution, or corporate entity.

“The love we have for each other is the greatest threat to those who rule over us."Amos Wilson

It is a confidential study and therefore you will not be held accountable for any of the answers you give herein. While the author has come to his/her own conclusions about the subject, attempts are made to remain as objective as possible. The questions do not represent the author's own opinions.

"Nohale le ayile" - "Truth is a cure"Nzema proverb